Underwater video camera with LED light


This inexpensive, high-quality underwater video camera is available with or without LED light. It is used for various purposes, including:
  • underwater inspection 
  • swimming training
  • rehabilitation
  • sewer/pipe inspection


Underwater camera, Inspection model

This type of underwater camera has an inbuilt white LED light that makes it very useful for inspecting places that are completely dark, such as pipes and sewer systems, as well as for inspecting ships and docks.

Underwater camera, Swimcam model

This is an underwater video camera that is particularly suited for swimming training and underwater rugby. The camera is the same as the above, but without the LED light.

The cameras are made of surface-treated brass, which makes them especially robust in harsh environments. The resolution is 500 TVL, with a light-sensitivity of 0.1 lux. The camera weighs 650 grams and measures Ø37x70 mm.

The camera is pressure-tested to 5 bar (50 metres).


Underwater camera, Inspection model  Item number: 1000-019
Underwater camera, Swimcam model    Item number: 1000-018




Underwater video camera with LED light
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